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Riex GM70 Taca na sztućce 30 (222x474 mm), ziarnista biały

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Marka Riex
Kolor Biały
Strona katalogu 9.4
Szerokość szuflady 300 mm
Głębokość szuflady 500 mm
Ilość w kartonie 33

Opis produktu

High quality plastic cutlery tray with non-slip and elegant surface. Dimensions can be easily adjusted by trimming with a knife or saw. The width does not need to be adjusted if the cutlery tray is used for slim double wall drawers. The depth of the cutlary tray is optimal for most types of 500mm long drawers. We recommend using the Riex GM82 nebo GM80 anti-slip pad in the same colour for surrounding drawers. Cutlary tray for cabinets 60cm wide or more can be supplemented with wooden inserts for knives or spices.


Riex GM82 Mata antypoślizgowa 600 mm, rolka 10 m, grubość 1,2 mm, Solid SoftGrip, biały


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