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HRANIFIX Wałek dociskowy mały - akcesoria

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standard roller

Opis produktu

The Hranifix standard roller is a great assistant for anyone who wants to bond without mechanical pressing. It has a steel handle that has been specifically designed and produced for deliver maximum pressure to ensure perfect adhesion between bonded materials. especially in the case of bonding with a contact adhesive which is activated by pressure.


  • Steel handle.
  • 2 ribbed vinyl handles for convenient and reliable use.
  • High quality rubber roller with a diameter 3,8 and width of 7,6 cm.
  • No axle protrusion at one end-convenient to use even in corners without scratching the material.
  • Attractive, corrosion-resistant galvanized surface.
  • The total roller length is 37,5 cm and the weight is 680 g.