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HRANIFIX Pistolet - akcesoria

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Opis produktu

Applying gun for Hranifix – the contact adhesive.


You will use the gun for spraying the contact adhesive from big pressure kegs.


Keep bonded surfaces dry, clean grease and dust free before the bonding.

Thanks to the gun you will spread the thin and uniform layer to the both surfaces that should be bond. Do not apply too thick layer so that the adhesive is not spread around. The ideal joint is achieved by covering 80–100 % of the surface. While having the optimum coating, the adhesive creates a surface film similar to a spider net.

The spray gun is adjustable by opening the wheel located behind the trigger up.

The wider the spray pattern being applied the further away the gun nozzle should be held.

The substrates are ready to be brought together after the solvent has flashed off, this can be determined by the adhesive being dry to touch with no transference to fingers approx. 30–60 seconds.

After substrates are brought together apply uniform pressure using a roller.