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Hawa Junior 100 B magnetic SoftMove/magnetic SoftMove, min. szerokość 800 mm, gwarancja 15 lat

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Marka Hawa
Strona katalogu 12.42
Nośność 100 kg
Materiał drzwi Drewno
Ilość w kartonie 1
Oznaczenie producenta 30228

Opis produktu

Set of fittings for interior door. Thanks to magnetic damping incomparably low opening
forces of max. 22 N. Both sides damping, minimum door width 800 mm.
Long lasting solution - warranty:
15 years for private use
7 years for commercial use
Tested for 100 000 cycles, usually over 25 years of reliable working
Comply with the requirements of EN 1527:2019
Fastening by hidden clamps (need grooving), gap between door and rail only 5 mm ± 4 mm
Width of door should be at least 40% of height for stable function


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